Invitation to the 24th Colmar Shogi Open – 29th & 30th of September 2018

French version –> here <–

6 rounds tournament (Swiss or Mac Mahon system) of 45 mn + 30 s byoyomi games.

Special events | Schedule | Location | Accomodation | Registration

Special events

Demo stand
During the full duration of the tournament, visitors will have the opportunity to discover Shogi and Dobutsu Shogi for free.

Schedule (to be confirmed)

Saturday 29th September
11:30-12:00 Registration
12:00-14:00 Round 1
14:15-16:30 Round 2
16:45-18:45 Round 3
19:00 End of day 1.
Opportunity of joint dinner in a restaurant. Every participant pays his part.
Sunday 30th September
10:00-12:00 Round 4
12:00-14:00 Round 5
14:00-16:00 Round 6
16:00-16:30 Prize giving

Salle des fêtes « Saint Antoine »
rue de la Bleich
68000 Colmar
48°04’44.4″N 7°22’08.6″E

Each player has to book his hotel room himself. In order to help, we are providing below a list of some hotels known to us.
Prices are variable according to the wished quality.
Short list of possible hotels in the area of the tournament:

Hôtel Ibis Colmar Centre Hôtel Primo 99
10 Rue St Eloi
68000 COLMAR
+33 389 413 014
5 rue des Ancêtres
68000 COLMAR
+33 389 242 224
13 rue Golbéry
68000 COLMAR
+33 389 417 171
Avenue de la Marne
68000 COLMAR
+33 389 415 454
Hôtel Ibis Styles Hôtel Turenne
11 Bould du Champ de Mars
68000 COLMAR
+33 389 232 625
10 route de Bâle
68000 COLMAR
+33 389 215 858
Auberge de Jeunesse Mittelharth
rue Pasteur
68000 COLMAR
+33 389 805 739
(cheapest solution but not that close)

Registration fees are of
– 20 Euros for licensed FFS members and foreign players
– 30 Euros for ASA members, including annual membership renewal.
These tournament fees are including not only the tournament registration, but also sandwiches for Saturday, (if remaining) Sunday, and tea on request during the whole tournament.

Important: on Saturday evening, it is possible to join a dinner together.

Fixed menu (23€) / for veggies, an alternative menu is possible:

  • Gourmet salad with green salad, tomatoes, cucumber…
  • Chicken Supreme cooked with Riesling wine, served with spätzle & vegetables
  • Ice cream chocolate / vanilla

Amount of seats limited: you are requested to inform us if you want to join with your registration.

To register (before the 24th of September, please. No sandwich delivered to late comers):

–> Click here to register !!! <–


Fabien Osmont
Par Tél: +33 389 716 175
Par email



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